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Tinseltown #5 (of 5) Review

David Lucarelli (Author) • Henry Ponciano (Pencils/Cover)

Alterna Comics (Publisher)

In the midst of the of what has quickly become a cultural upheaval in the comic and film community surrounding the impending release of Captain Marvel, I decided to revisit Alterna Comics and Tinseltown.

Following the conclusion of the last issue, Abigail Moore and Dan, her companion attempt to save Mr. Caldwell before his would-be assassin finds him.

What happens from here is a cat and mouse chase this is firmly rooted in reality. There aren't any superheroes involved in Tinseltown. Abby in her steely determination is one of the most interesting characters I've read in a long time. Abigail Moore makes an immediate impression without being a prop for political shenanigans. She's a great character, in a solid story, nuff said.

The art direction in this book is a lot more consistent and dynamic than the last issue. My chief complaint about the previous story was that the color palette was too dark and for whatever reason the dark tones didn't mesh well with the newsprint. This comic is bright, vibrant and is a complete 180 degree from the last issue.

The only gripes I have with the book is that the dramatic cliffhanger from the previous issue is glossed over a bit too quickly. I understand that this is the last issue in the mini series but it's kind of awkward that such a huge ending is breezed over with a couple of lines of dialogue.

In addition, If you're going into this book as a single issue you'll still have fun but a lot of the context is lost. The series recap is almost non existent. I'm assuming that all of the major characters show up but its still very easy to get lost.

Tinseltown #5 is like walking into a good movie right before it's about to end. It's still fun and you'll get the climax of the series but It's not as strong as it could be without knowing how we got to that point. I can still recommend the book as a single issue but if you can get the issues 1-5 or the trade it will probably be a better overall reading experience.

Rating B

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