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HawkMan #4 Review

Robert Venditti (Author) • Bryan Hitch (Pencils)

Jeremiah Skipper (Colorist) • Bryan Hitch & Alex Sinclair (Cover)

• Dale Keown • DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it Now (Amazon)

In this month's Issue of Quantum Leap, AKA Hawkman, Carter is transported to the Planet of Thanagar. Here he encounters Kator Hal the Hawkman of Timothy Truman's classic, Hawkworld.

If you're following this series you're familiar with the formula. It should be getting old, but this series has been fantastic thus far. Robert Venditti has found the perfect formula for this character and Brian Hitch gets to show why he's one of the best artists working today.

The art direction for this issue is outstanding with a multitude of scenes featuring a film noirish setting blended with an art deco style. The level of detail reminded me of Brian's work on Ultimates which coincidentally is my favorite series of all time.

The confrontation between Carter Hall and Katar Hols is pretty much par for the series. It's a brief intense encounter. The characters misunderstanding is resolved within a few pages. Carter gets the next piece to his puzzle and moves on to his next adventure. This may seem shallow but there really isn't much else going on to discuss.

The comic is a joy to read but also highlights a major problem in the comic industry. I've given every issue of this series high praise but I've also breezed through each issue in about 5-8 minutes. The comic is $3.99 I don't think the comic earns the cover price. I'm satisfied with the story and art but my gut is telling me that the book should have been priced between $2.50 -.$2.99.

I don't want to beat the issue up too bad because the story is great. The problems with the comic are more of a reflection of my general concerns with the modern comic industry rather than any fault found within this comic.

Rating A-

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