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Stranger Things 4 (of 4) Review

Jody Houser (Author) • Stefano Martino (Pencils) • Lauren Affe (Colorist) • Aleksi Bricklot (Cover Artists)• Dark Horse (Publisher)

Stranger Things #3 was the first comic that made me question the use of my time writing reviews for this blog. It's also the reason the turnaround time for this review is faster than previous issues. For my sanity, I needed to get this series over and done with.

I'm happy to report that this comic is somewhat better than the previous three but It's rather disheartening that we had to get to the last issue of the series before the creators decided to get creative with the storytelling.

If you've been following to this point you know that the comic is following Will Byers and his time in "The upside down". The series runs counter to season 1 of the Netflix series. The issue culminates predictably at the end of the season and gives a tease for season 2 or possibly another mini-series.

What makes this issue better than the last is that instead of just following Will's journey across the mundane, Jody Houser and Stefano Martino switch things up by linking the issue more closely to the Will's Dungeon & Dragons avatar, Will the Wise.

At the very least, the issue offers a change of scenery from anything else that has happened in the mini to this point. In doing so highlight the main problem with the series. Since "The Upside down is in another dimension the comic was only limited by the writer's imagination. What we've been given is a pretty bland affair that only occasionally manages to hit the giddy heights of mediocre.

This issue provides a lot of variety and is definitely a step forward in establishing the horror and general creepiness of the setting. Another few issues and the comic probably would have found its footing and actually been good but sadly this is it for now.

As stated in my prior reviews, I'm not sure what kind of restrictions Jody was under as this series was being put together but I expected more. It's not the worst comic I've ever read. As a series Stranger Things is an interesting conversation piece if you're a fan of the show. I I can't see anyone else picking up book and being satisfied with the finished product.

Ultimately, this series is a complete waste of potential.

Issue Rating C

Series Rating D

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