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Heroes in Crisis #6 Review - Depressed Heroes Aren't Fun...

Updated: Jan 20

Tom King (Writer) • Clay Mann - Mitch Gerads ( Pencils)

Tomeu Morey (Colorist)• Mitch Gerads (Cover Artists)

Ryan Sook (Variant Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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I was gonna make this review into a rant but I reread Heroes in Crisis #6 again this morning and although It's not a book I'd personally recommend it's not worth having a bitch fit over.

The issue follows Harley Quinn, The Flash (Wally West), and Gnarrk as they work through their various problems. There isn't much action in the comic and the dialogue is about as dry as an incels phone. The bland tone of the issue extends to the art direction. Mitch and Clay's art looks great as usual but their talents are clearly being wasted on this material.

Gnarrk is dealing with being a man out of time. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy reconnect over her past abuse by The Joker. Flash has the most poignant aspect of the issue as he uses Sanctuary to deal with the trauma being brought back to the Rebirth universe without his wife and kids. During his particular segment of the issue, we're given a potential clue regarding the event as Psycho Pirates mask reappears.

The problem with the series is that it feels like every issue after #2 has been inconsequential and I wish Tom King would get to the point. Reading this series monthly is a chore but I do think that if you read the series in a collected edition it may be better for you. That's if you can get past King's pitter-patter dialogue style.

I would really love to give Heroes In Crisis a deep assessment but there really isn't much revealed other than another potential fake-out ending. Earlier this week Bleeding Cool reported that DC Comics would refocus on single-issue stories and less decompression for the trade paperback. I doubt it happens as the writing style seems to have become an industry standard at least in mainstream titles.

Heroes in Crisis is probably the most meandering event that I've ever read. On top of the lack of story progression, the 4.99 price point really hurts seems feels like overkill for what we're being given. There are momentary sparks of inspiration and the art is fantastic at times but the lack of momentum is maddening. It's like Tom King is taking joy in trolling the readership.

If I wasn't 6 issues deep into the series I would have dropped the title. I'm hoping for a helluva twist to make this all of the pretentiousness worth it but based on what we're seeing from Tom King in his other projects lately I may be expecting too much.

Rating 5/10

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