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Batman #58 Review

Tom King (Author) • Mikel Janin (Pencils) • Jordie Bellaire (Colorist)

• Mikel Janin (Cover Artists) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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There is a huge contrast between Tom King's Batman and Heroes in Crisis. Batman has been rolling the last several issues while Heroes in Crisis has been running in place during the same length of time.

The Penguin figures heavily into this issue as he actually gets more panel time than Batman. The comic follows the villain as he grieves the loss of what I presume is a family member. After being defeated by Batman Penguin is sent to Arkham and subsequently dressed down by Bane and given the mission to kill Alfred.

The comic ends on a cliffhanger and pivots into a completely different direction than I expected initially. Hinting at a possible team-up.

As a single issue, the comic is fantastic. The art direction from Jordie Bellaire and Mikel Janin is great and atmospheric. It perfectly captures the somber nature of the issue. Penguin is given more characterization here than I've ever seen him given in any other comic. It was also pretty cool seeing him engage Batman in a fist fight. I don't remember ever seeing Penguin actually fighting Batman.

Batman #58 is a nice introduction to the new storyline and manages to keep the momentum going that was built up from the previous arc. It escalates the overarching Bane storyline while also functioning as a great single issue. There's honestly not much to complain about here.

Rating A

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