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The Batman Who Laughs #3 Review - Punisher Batman Punishes

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Scott Snyder (Writer) • Jock (Pencils-Cover) • David Baron (Colorist)

Riccardo Federici (Variant)• DC Comics (Publisher)

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I enjoyed The Batman Who Laughs #2 and looked forward to this issue. Unfortunately, this one is a letdown in all aspects of production.

I'm a big fan of Batman if you've followed this blog you know that the only character from DC comics that I review consistently is Batman. I'm not a fan of the pretentious, always prepared version of the character that pops up from time to time. That version of the character is all over this issue.

This comic marks the first direct encounter between our Batman and the Grim Knight, the Punisher like variant of Bruce Wayne. It's a brief seen between the two but it ends anti-climatically. Though I was letdown the character looks awesome and the idea to mesh Batman with The Punisher is a nobrainer. I just wish there was more too there encounter than what we get.

There's a moment where the two Batman are talking to each other within earshot of James Gordon. I find it really hard to believe that the supporting characters don't know Bruce's true identity. Scenes like these don't change my opinion that Gordan knows and has just been humoring Bruce all these years.

Another key problem with the issue is Jock's linework. It simply doesn't work here. The atmosphere is there but the lack of backgrounds throughout the issue make every scene feel dry and lifeless.I hate saying that because I know what he can do when Jock is hitting all cylinders.

This is not Jock's best work nor does the story does not play to his strengths as an artist. Jock is great at atmosphere and building tension. In a comic that has a lot of action his style doesn't mesh well. Another artist would have made this issue look amazing. The closest mismatch I can think of that would be on par with The Batman Who Laughs would be if Alex Meleev was asked to draw an Avengers comic.

The issue is just rough and I'm thoroughly disappointed. We've been waiting to see the Batman Who Laughs cut loose since his introduction during Dark Knights Metal. If this is what we were waiting for I'd rather he stuck in the shadows. . The creators behind this series are better than this.

Rating 7/10