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The Lone Ranger #4 Review

Mark Russell (Author) • Bob Q (Pencils - Colors)

John Cassaday & Jose Villarrubia (Cover Artists)• Dynamite (Publisher)

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Well, that was intense!

Last month we were introduced to Conner. A well mannered, cannibal who was hired by our villains to take out our heroes. His impact was is immediately felt as he uses available evidence to get the drop on Lone Ranger and Tonto.

Conner is a pretty Bad-Ass villain. He matches up well with our heroes and even manages to pick Tonto out of a crowd, catching him off guard. The encounter between the two characters manages to be one of the most intense matchups I've seen so far this year.

Conner is also given a backstory that is just as tragic as it is horrifying. Even though he's shown to be a monstrous individual, I still felt sorry for the guy.

As usual Tonto gets the best lines and moments in the comic. I almost feel like The Lone Ranger was an afterthought and that Mark Russell would be more interested in making a comic about Tonto. I'm not complaining but the lack of any real engaging moments from The Ranger is glaring.

The back and forth between Tonto and Conner sent shivers up my spine. Mark has a flair for dialogue and it shines during this encounter. During the brief scene between the two, the closest comparison I could come up with would be any of the interrogation scenes from inglorious bastards. You know that Conner is a monster and the cannibalistic aspects of the character just make the situation worse.

Bob Q is great with quiet moments and the bombastic action sequences. Seeing the scene quickly transition from a quiet conversation to a full-on action sequence was the highlight of the issue for me.

I thought that The Lone Ranger was an ongoing series but its not. We got one issue left. It's really sad because this series has been a wild ride. Hopefully, we get a second volume because this has been one of the best series I've read in recent memory.

Rating A

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