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Killmonger #2 (of 5) Review

Bryan Edward Hill (Author) • Juan Ferreyra (Pencils-Cover)

• Eduardo Ferreyra (Colorist) • Jeff Dekal (Variant Cover)

Marvel (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

I reviewed Killmonger #1 a few months back. I remember thinking it was a great start and then I fell off for whatever reason. What The hell was I thinking? This issue is amazing.

The issue picks up after a time jump. Erik is firmly entrenched in the crew. The bulk of the issue covers our crew as they plan and execute a brutal hit for the Kingpin.

The plan goes without a hitch but King (The Leader) wants Erik to have a plan beyond simply being angry. He tells Erik that anger can be great but it's hit and miss and can only take you so far.

The interactions between Erik and King are the best parts of the comic and come off as a kid talking to someone that has experience and simply knows better.

The issue ends on a cliffhanger as the crew is given the task of going up against Bullseye. King decides that this is a suicide mission and wants no part of going up against such a skilled target. The situation blows up even further as Bullseye interrupts the meeting.

The art direction of the issue is simply amazing. Juan and Eduardo bring it and it's hard to believe you're reading a Marvel book in 2019. I like the wet behind the ears look of Killmonger and the layout and color palette of of the issue in particular. There's a lot of energy to the book and it feels like a cinematic experience.

The club scenes and the quieter moments are just as poignant as the execution in the middle of the issue. The scene is actually shocking and further establishes Killmonger as a villain.

Erik is a Bad Guy. You can sympathize with him but it doesn't change who he is. Bryan has a great voice for this character and its really cool that he keeps the edge to the Killmonger when it would be really easy to make him a sympathetic anti-hero.

Bringing Bullseye into the mix escalates the threat hear but contrasting a masked villain with the street level characters seemingly so entrenched in the real world seems silly. I wish that the issue used the version of Bullseye from the Bendis run that operated without the costume.

I'm not knocking it but it's the only part of the issue that doesn't quite fit.

I have the entire series and will pick up the pace of reviewing the comics from here. The issue is great. I don't read much Marvel and even with that caveat, this issue is worth your attention.

Rating A

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