• Baraka

William Gibson's Alien 3 #4 Review - Shoulda stayed on the cutting room floor

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Johnnie Christmas & William Gibson (Writers)

• Johnnie Christmas (Pencils) • Tamra Bonvillain (Colorist)

• Johnnie Christmas, Tamra Bonvillain (Cover Artists)

Tradd Moore (Variant Cover)

Darkhorse Comics (Publisher) • Get it now Comixology

There is way too much going on in this issue.

With #4 of the series, I can honestly see why this screenplay was scrapped. This issue isn't terrible. The plot just seems overly complicated and filled with to many characters that I either don't care about or haven't been established enough for me to be invested in their survival.

In a vacuum, this is a bad single issue. There isn't much of any recap and the story just assumes that the reader knows what's going on. I'm four issues deep and I'm lost, especially when people start transforming into Xenomorphs.

Compounding things, Ripley and Newt are still not apart of the story. Newt was sent away the last issue and Ripley is ejected into an escape pod this time around. It's nice that Hicks and Bishop are given a bigger role in the story but without the nuanced acting, the characters feel rather flat and lifeless.

I don't want to spend a lot of time on art. Nothing really leaped out to me as impressive other than a couple of pages of the Xenomorph emerging from the shell of a Human being. The art direction seems off and rather than dumping on the artist I'll just leave it there.

We're 4 issues deep into this story and Aliens #3 just not living up to the hype. It almost makes me wish that the series wasn't picked up at all.

Rating 7/10