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Detective Comics #991 Review

James Robinson (Author) • Carmine Di Giadomenico (Pencils)

Ivan Plascencia (Colorist) • Carmine Di Giadomenico & Ivan Plascencia (Cover Artists) •Mark Brooks (Variant Cover)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

I haven't really been all that enthused with this Kobra storyline running in Detective comics and it probably shows because the reviews have been drip fed for this series.

To be fair this issue is better than the last two but I'm really getting burned out on Two-Face. Supposedly while this is going on he's also in prison orchestrating whatever the hell is going on with Deathstroke. Dan Didio, co-pubisher of DC Comics mentioned in a conference recently that the DC comic line was shrinking. He also mentioned that continuity would also be tightened up. The Two-Face situation here is a prime reason I totally agree with Dan.

Detective Comics #991 basically covers a huge exposition dump from Two-Face that serves to give insight into what the hell is going on with Kobra and his role in things. Apparently, Two-Face is angry because Harvey Dent got pissed off and murdered someone. In order to preserve Harvey's good name, Two-Face covered for him because if Harvey is the bad-guy than what is Two-Face?

If you can suspend your disbelief the comic is well written and a lot more interesting than the last three issues. The downside is the premise here is absolutely absurd and the fact that Batman and Commissioner Gordon are entertaining it brings the credibility of the issue down a notch.

It's not the worst comic but its kind of hard to ignore that this is the story that James Robinson landed on. The comic ends on the tease of a Batman Two-Face team up which is intriguing but I'm also getting kind of tired of Batman teaming up with the villains. The pace of the story is picking up but I'm really hoping that this arc is over soon. It's not bad but it's bland and really a step backward for this series.

The art direction is on par with the rest of the arc and it's always good to see creative transitions between Harvey and Two-Face but aside from that, there's nothing really to write home about in this issue. It's just the calm before the storm and I'm expecting the storyline to pick up in the next issue.

Rating C

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