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Detective Comics #992

James Robinson (Author) • Carmine Di Giadomenico (Pencils)

Ivan Plascencia (Colorist) • Carmine Di Giadomenico & Ivan Plascencia (Cover Artists) •Mark Brooks (Variant Cover)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

I normally don't read back to back issues of the same title but I was motivated to press on because I'm really disliking this story arc. To be perfectly transparent, If I wasn't so far behind in my pull list I would have probably dropped detective after the last issue.

This issue continues the Kobra story arc with Batman and Two-Face teaming up to take down the Cult. The story is pretty straight forward with the duo defeating the enemy fairly easily. They then discover that the plot is going to be a lot more complicated than pummeling the bad guys into submission.

The issue is barely passable and the internal logic of the story is flawed. Batman and Two-Face have practically the same voice and when speaking to each other and you'd be hard pressed to find much distinction between them.

Another major problem with the issue is common sense characterization. Batman does not use guns and tell's Two-Face not to kill anyone. So why is Two-Face in turn running into the fight with two Pistols blazing.

If Batman was really concerned about anyone being killed he would have disarmed Harvey prior to engaging the enemy. Two-Face is a villain and is about as unstable as you can get. This is sloppy storytelling and reflects really poorly on the editorial direction of the issue.

The comic also catches us up with the rest of the outsider team as that storyline continues to develop. The art for the issue continues to be serviceable but there aren't any standout moments.

The action is there but with the script being so bland and the locale being confined to one setting, the entire issue is a muddy and miserable experience. Batman deserves better.

Rating D

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