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Detective Comics #993 Review - Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

James Robinson (Writer) • Carmine Di Giadomenico (Pencils)

Ivan Plascencia (Colorist) • Carmine Di Giadomenico & Ivan Plascencia (Cover Artists)

Mark Brooks (Variant Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

Detective Comics #993 is an example of a comic snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The comic starts strong, really strong dealing with the presumed death of Two-Face and then fumbles in the endzone leaving me questioning the $20 i spent on the last 5 issues.

The writing is sharp and the scenes of Batman and Harvey are well paced and constructed. I'm still not a fan of Batman teaming with Two-Face while he carries a pair of handguns designed to kill but this is the story we're getting so, oh well. The art is energetic and I can tell that Carmine and Ivan are having fun in this issue as the art direction is genuinely fun to look at.

So what went wrong?

The second half of the issue it's revealed that Two-Face faked his death and that the whole first half of the issue with the funeral was a complete waste of time. Even worse Batman, knows it's Bullshit and goes through the motions anyway. The comic ends with Batman fighting Two-Face and the status quo remains the same despite 5 issues of teasing otherwise. This issue on it's own is slightly better than the last 4 but its still nonsense.

I've been reading DC comics regularly since Rebirth began and I have to say this is easily the worst arc I've read since Chuck Austin's X-men from the early 2000's. It could be a symptom of the bi-weekly release schedule but there has been a lack of quality control during this arc and for now, I'm glad it's over. Comics like this make me question the time and money I invest in the medium...

Rating C-

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