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Go-Bots #4 Review - Planet of The Go-Bots

Updated: Aug 13

Tom Scioli (Writer-Artist) • David Hedgecock (Editor)

IDW (Publisher)

I definitely picked up a Planet of the Apes vibe from this issue. Go-Bots have taken over the earth and humans have devolved. Leader-One maintains tenuous leadership despite constantly being constantly challenged by Cy-Kill and his forces.

The main plot of the issue is that Leader-One and his team plan to take down the massive Go-Bot, Zod. As this goes on, a group of rock-like creatures are introduced and Cy-Kill continues his machinations.

As usual, the biggest selling point for the issue is Tom Scioli's art. It's simply amazing how much detail he puts into this issue. It gets to be a bit much this time around though. The comic has to cover too much ground with one issue left and at times I got confused.

This may not be an issue for longtime Go-Bot's fans but I'm a filthy casual. New characters weave in out of the story sometimes for only a few panels and then are gone leaving me wondering what the point was.

Cy-Kill gets another really disturbing scene in which he tries to get the devolved humans to combine and transform as Go-Bots do. This may be a meta-commentary on children and the childish activity of playing with toys like Go-Bot's and Transformers. Cy-Kill sees humans as akin to bugs or toys to play with. Reading this section of the comic gave me flashes back to the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal that happened post 9/11. There is some really dark subtext going on in this comic.

The heroes aren't quite as interesting as the villains but they are also given a surprising amount of depth. Turbo has become the de facto protector of humanity. Scooter has been driven mad after being forced to kill his handler. Leader-One is the stoic leader playing the role of king of the Go-Bot's. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. He sees visions of his own death as he proceeds with his plan to take down Zod.

The issue is great and despite having an insane amount of stuff going on at times it feels like a worthy addition to the rest of the series. Go-Bot's along with The Lone Ranger are my early contenders for best series of 2019. This issue continues to make that case for me.

Rating 9/10

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