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Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #4 (of 4) Review - Big Boys Back!!!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Lee Allred & Michael Allred (Writer) • Rich Tommaso (Pencils-Cover)

Laura Allred (Colorist) • IDW (Publisher) • Get it now From Green Brain Comics

Dick Tracy: DOA #4 wraps up the Mini-Series nicely leaving practically no loose ends or unanswered questions. Overall the series is a nice walk down memory lane.

IDW has already announced a new series from Michael Avon Oeming (Powers) so I'm assuming DOA did pretty good with sales. I appreciate the straightforward nature of the series and hope to see more takes on the character in the coming years.

There really isn't much to say plot-wise The story is really simple. The villains are defeated. Tracy is cleared and reinstated. These aren't really spoilers and were a foregone conclusion to be perfectly honest. What is surprising is how much Big Boy factors heavily into the ending of the story and finally delivers a credible threat to our hero.

The art in the comic is great and a step above the last issue which seemed somewhat rushed. The layouts are very dynamic, especially the scenes where Big Boy shows up. My only gripe is that I wish the series went with the Al Pacino version of the character. This isn't a negative I just thought it would have been cool to see.

Dick Tracy DOA was a nice little diversion. I enjoyed the series and I think that the series will read even better as a trade paperback. Not every comic has to be overly dramatic or complicated. Sometimes you just want to see the heroes beat the villains and in this case that's enough for me.

Rating 9/10

Series Rating 8.5/10