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Damage #11 Review

Robert Venditti (Author) • Aaron Lopresti (Pencils) • HI-FI (Colorist)

Trevor Hairsine & Rain Beredo (Cover Artists)• DC Comics (Publisher)

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If this comic wasn't $2.99 I would have come down pretty hard on this issue. I read Damage #11 in about 5 minutes and during that time I thoroughly enjoyed it. The comic is essentially a slugfest pitting Damage against Green Arrow, Vixen, Guy Gardner, and Flash.

If you've followed the series to this point you know that Damage has some pretty impressive feats and as this issue rolls along he racks up even more as he takes down the Justice League in pretty epic fashion.

The issue is fun, the character is fun and even though there isn't much depth to the storytelling, Robert paces the issue well and the issue is still enjoyable. This sentiment is propelled by the art direction. One of the most fun aspects of the series is seeing Damage cut loose and this issue is no exception Aaron Lopresti and Hi-Fi bring it, and portray our lead character as a force of nature not to be trifled with.

Each page is a joy to read and look at. The comic is worth a glance for that reason alone.

The downside of the comic that the cover clearly depicts a fight between Damage and Superman. Superman does not show up in the comic until the very last page and it's a cliffhanger for yet another fight.

If the Comic was standard 3.99 cover price or had a lesser art team I would have been pissed. Trevor and Rain produce a beautiful cover but with Superman barely making an appearance it borderlines on false advertising the creative team are better than that and It's the only reason I marked the comic down from an A.

As it stands the comic was a simple fast-paced story that is worth a read even though you'll probably breeze through it in a few minutes.

Rating B

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