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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #33 Review - The Best Origins are Founded in Tragedy

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Marguerite Bennett (Author) • Simone Di Meo, French Carlomagno, Francesco Mortarino (Pencils) • Walter Baiamonte - French Carlomagno (Colorist) • Jamal Campbell (Cover Artist)

• Boom Studios (Publisher) • Get it Now (Amazon)

Beyond the grid has been mediocre at best. It's not terrible but it's not the most interesting follow-up to 2018's epic Shattered Grid story arc. This issue is a bit better as it puts the focus on giving an origin to the series original character, Ari. She gives her origin story and some insight into the plan of the arc's villain, the Praetor.

Ari's backstory is sad. She comes from a dying universe that only has a few generations left. In an attempt to steal some food she's startled by a man morphing in front of her. An earthquake seemingly occurs and they both fall off the platform they were standing on. The man dies but not before passing the Solarix (Morpher) to her. She's not given the power based on merit or nobility. She's was just the only option available.

It's not really the most exciting origin at all but it's well written and makes sense in light of the circumstances. We also got a visually cool character out of the deal so I'll accept it. Before dying the man tells her to keep it away from the Praetor and that the Solarix will seek its own kind.

We also get an explanation for why Ari looks so much different from the other rangers. She's not properly aligned with the grid. It glitches out and even hurt's her sometimes. Using her powers drew the Praetor. We're given the impression that her friends have been attacked due to being associated with her. The heroes are eventually tracked by the Praetor and his army and the comic ends with the other rangers drawing power from the Solarix.

This was a pretty good issue. My only complaint is that there's a lot of standing around and way too much exposition. The plot explanation is cool but it's a bit much. The art for the rangers outside of Ari leaves much to be desired. I really dislike the choice they have gone with for Kimberly and I'll leave it at that.

When the art team gets to draw Ari or the space stuff the book looksP amazing. There are some breathtaking shots in this issue. It's also noted in the comic that there are 3 artists working the issue. That may be why the art is so disjointed at times.

The decision to focus on one character was a good one. The past few issues have been scattered and haven't spent enough time establishing who they are or why I should care. I understand that these heroes may be long-standing Rangers from the series or extended canon but in this arc, they are generic at best.

It appears the next issue may be more action-oriented. I'm interested in seeing if the Solarix glitch effect extends to the other Rangers powered by it. I'm more interested in the potentially glitched designs of the Power Rangers than anything. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Rating 8/10

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