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The Silencer #10 Review

Dan Abnett (Author) • Patch Zircher (Pencils) • Mike Spicer (Colorist)

Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion, FCO Plascencia (Cover Artists)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it Now (Amazon)

It kinda sucks reviewing The Silencer because it feels like I'm reading the same issue over and over again. At some point, you have to question why you're reading the series at all. Furthermore, of "The Age of Heroes" titles The Silencer is the only series that has not moved beyond the initial concept.

Honor Guest isn't really a reskinned marvel character and that was an advantage for her initially, but now it's as if the character is running in place and content in mediocrity.

This month we get a continuation of the Hell-Iday Road story-arc. Silencer and Quietus are still stuck in each other's bodies and they form an uneasy alliance to take down a massive Kaiju like monster.

Patrick Zircher and Mike Spicer are on fire in this issue. The comic opens with an excellent homage to DC'S Crisis on Infinite Earths and the monster is simply gorgeous. The scenes of the two characters fighting the monster are the highlights of the issue. The action is also incredible throughout the book. I'm down aspects of the comic but the pictures are pretty simply gorgeous.

So what's wrong? First, we're presented with yet another cover that depicts a scene that is not in the comic. Silencer is being choked by Talia on the cover but the two never encounter each other in the book. In fact, Talia doesn't appear in the issue until the last page and has no dialogue.

A better cover suggestion would have been to show Silencer being faced down by the giant Godzilla like monster. The cover is great but the misdirects seem to be lazy in light of available options to sell the actual issue.

The issue also desperately needs to resolve this situation with Talia. Honor Guest has a single track in the series and it really hurts her development, and of any of her supporting cast. What is she like when she's not fighting for her life or defending her family? We still have no idea.

What makes matters worse is that Dan Abnett, creator of Silencer is one of the chief architects of Marvel's modern take on Guardians of the Galaxy. Developing the family dynamic for this character should have been a slam dunk but it remains the weakest aspect of the series.

Every time an opportunity presents itself to establish Silencers family as real characters and not just props, the scene is undercut by a lame joke or a narration that simply doesn't make any sense.

It sucks because The Silencer has unlimited potential but the creative team seems to be stuck and unable to move beyond the initial pitch. I've love to see Rob Liefields or Bryan Hill's take on this character.

As I review the 10th issue of this series it has been canceled and more than any other series in this line of comics I can totally see why. The comic isn't bad at all and in most spots it's actually quite good, especially the art I just with the story would go somewhere.

Rating B-

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