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Freedom Fighters #2 Review - Tearing Down the Reich

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Robert Venditti (Writer) • Eddy Barrows (Pencils) • Adriano Lucas (Colorist)

• Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Adriano Lucas (Cover Artists)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now Comixology

Remember when the X-Men used to have a hard time dealing with one Omega Class Sentinel? Pepperidge farm remembers. Freedom Fighters #2 captures the feeling of a classic X-Men comic without actually being an X-Book.

The issue continues laying the groundwork from the first issue as our heroes matchup against the Iron Polizist. A monstrous mech similar to the Iron Giant or the aforementioned Sentinel from X-Men.

This is a straightforward comic with the bulk of it being the new Freedom Fighters coming out party against the Reich. The set-piece covers about 90% of the issue and is pretty much what I've come to expect from Robert Venditti.

The art is for the issue is great and deeply atmospheric. The linework and color choices sell the epic nature of the battle taking place. We get a glimpse into how something like this will affect the populace as well as the Nazis in power.

The team coordinates well and it will be interesting to see how these heroes came together as the series goes on. All of the Freedom Fighters get a moment in the spotlight with the standout character being the Human Bomb. I don't have much insight into the character but without giving too much away he's awesome.

There's not much else to the issue which is a running weakness across Rob's books. Venditti is one of the best in the industry and his action setpieces are second to none. I just wish there were more than a page or 2 dedicated character development.

This is another in a trend of DC comic where the action depicted on the cover doesn't actually take place in the book. The evil Plastic Man is shown on the cover but he doesn't appear until the very last page of the issue. It doesn't matter if you're writing for the eventual trade but if you're a monthly reader you're expecting the cover to preview events in the comic. A better cover would have been the Freedom Fighters vs The Iron Polizist. If you're following my blog this has happened in my last 2 DC reviews. Damage #11, Silencer #10, this is a really crappy sales tactic and needs to be reigned in immediately. The cover is decent but it borders on false advertisement.

Despite the gripes, the actual issue is amazing and is actually the best mini-series DC is producing right now including Heroes in Crisis and Doomsday clock. I look forward to seeing this series develop its been something special so far.

Rating 9/10

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