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Major X #1 Review - Rob Rule's

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Rob Liefeld (Writer-Pencils) •Romulo Fajardo Jr. (Colorist)

• Rob Liefeld, Adelso Corona & Dan Fraga (Inkers)

Marvel (Publisher) • Get it now from Green Brain Comics

Anyone that follows my blog or my various musings across social media platforms know that I don't read Marvel Comics much. Without being too pretentious I consider this a passive boycott.

It's been this way for a few years now. This was even before comics consumer revolts like #Comicsgate became a thing. I say passive boycott because I will actually read a Marvel comic if it's highly recommended by someone in my circle or I respect the creator behind the story.

Major X falls into the latter category.

Major X is from Rob Liefield, creator of Deadpool, Cable, Domino, and X-Force. The man is a legend in my opinion and is probably the most important creator since Stan Lee and Kirby, I'm not bullshitting.

If you were a fan of comics in the 90's you are one of Liefield's children.

Major X is revealed as a new character and falls in line with other prominent Liefield creations. The exception being that Major X is subdued. The Liefield trademark of huge guns and pockets everywhere is gone from Major X. The character actually looks like a cross between Deadpool/Cable and they both make appearances in this book.

The book takes place across time and space. In the future, Mutants apparently, have left earth for an alternate realm created by an entity known as the X-Ential. Major X searches the setting for cracks in the realm and has the mission of preserving the status quo. (If this interpretation of the future is off or I'm missing something let me know.)

While on patrol the Major is interrupted by M'Koy (Beast?) and reality begins to crumble around them. The characters escape and teleport to the past, which happens to be a variation of New Mutants #98. The first appearance of Deadpool.

Its during this sequence that Rob artistically lets his nuts hang. He is often criticized as an artist. Some of the criticisms are valid but none of those complaints exist in this issue. The art is fantastic and Rob gets a lot of mileage out of the locations and action sequences. Every page is interesting to look at and the highlight of the comic are the homages to New Mutants #98.

The book even features direct callbacks to the issue. What's interesting is that we see Major X. Stand up convincingly up to Cable, Deadpool, Wolverine, and the entirety of the New Mutants. The comic ends on a nice cliffhanger and we get the reveal the man behind the mask.

The only weakness of the issue is that the dialogue is wonky in spots. I wasn't expecting Alan Moore but some of the lines are eye-rollingly cringe.

The issue is an above-average reading experience. I'm glad I put aside my passive boycott and picked it up. The book is worth it for the art alone. The story is interesting enough to pique your interest for what's to come. Rob Liefield has sold me on his concept and now I'm hooked and along for the ride.

Rating 8.5/10


This callback is Amazing.

New Mutants #98 (1991) V Major X #1 (2019)

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