• Baraka

The Walking Dead #188 Review - Man and the Inevitability of War

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Robert Kirkman (Writer) • Charlie Adlard (Pencils)

Stefano Gaudiano (Inker) • Cliff Rathburn (Graytones)

Image Comics (Publisher) • Get it now Comixology

I took a couple of months off from reviewing The Walking Dead but decided to keep it on my pull list. I'm glad I did because this issue was great. The focus of the comic is the building tension within the commonwealth as the situation continues to escalate toward full-scale civil war.

Mercer the chief of security is imprisoned for mutiny. Rick and Michonne discuss their options. Rick feels guilty and believes that the introduction of their group into the commonwealth community has sparked the division.

Carl's group happens to run into Princess and together they deal with a zombie heard. On top of all of the other subplots, we get a nice cliffhanger setup for the next issue.

The tensions ramp up and all of the characters feel real in their reaction to the reality of the situation. The standout moment is a brief exchange between Mercer and the leader of the Commonwealth. Mercer makes his case I totally see why he decided to turn on her.

The zombie herd situation was also fun to see. I get that zombies are always a danger but it's still fun to see our lead characters deal with them in creative ways.

This is a solid comic from beginning to end. The momentum is ramping up to the inevitable conclusion of civil war. I was starting to lose faith in the series and I'm glad that the book is finally back on the rails

Rating 8.5/10