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Lone Wolf #1 Review

Doug Garrett (Author) • Jeff Lashley (Pencils) • Eugen Betivu (Colorist)

Gravestone Press (Publisher)

I had the pleasure of reading Doug Garrett and Jeff Lashley's Lone Wolf today. What we have here is a cool little story that serves as a nice introduction to a new character and interesting setting. To date, I can only think of three Native American heroes off-hand, Forge, Wyatt Wingfoot, and Turok. It's nice to add another character to that mix.

The story has an A plot and a B plot. The present day story is a straight forward confrontation between Lone Wolf and a group of Ghouls (Zombies). He dispatches them fairly easily before the tables are turned on him by an even bigger threat.

The B Plot intersperses with the A storyline and gives Lone Wolf an origin. We learn that he is over 100 years old and that his abilities were given to him by the guardians of this tribe after a near-death experience he had as a child

The biggest draw to this issue is Jeff Lashley's art, it's simply stunning. I have both edition's of the comic (Color & Black and White). The Black and White variant is particularly gorgeous. The inks are raised and it gives the entire issue the feel of a prestige format. Pictures do not give this comic justice.

The quality of the cover and interiors are easily comparable to any DC or Marvel book on the shelves. Simply put, this comic looks and feels great.

The one complaint I have to levy on the book is that the comic doesn't do enough to explain what is going on. The book is entertaining but after reading the issue I had more questions than answers. What the hell is up with the Ghouls? Who is the guy attacking our hero?

I understand that there will be more volumes to this series but I think giving more insight into the present day storyline would have benefited the issue overall. Lone Wolf feels like the second or third issue of an ongoing series rather than the first.

Nothing about the comic is bad though. It's fun and can't wait to see what Doug and Jeff come up with next.

Rating B

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