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KickAss #9 Review The Silencer without superpowers.

Steve Niles (Author) • Marcelo Frusin (Pencils-Cover)

Sunny Gho (Colorist) • Christian Ward (Variant Cover)

Image (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

After a long layover, I'm back reviewing Kickass.

This series is one of those along with The Silencer that I've been down on and found myself writing the same review over and over again. They also have similar issues in concept and even share the same creator in John Romita Jr.

The main difference between the two characters is The Silencer has superpowers.

Both characters are really shallow once you remove the masks and a lot more interesting when they are able to cut loose in their superhero personas.

Silencer has been canceled and I'm not sure how much longer this series is going. Both have potential but have been marred by a lack of vision for the characters.

Kickass #9 starts with our lead clearing out a mob den. Ass he plans her next move. Her main target, Hector Santos drops off the body of one of her men outside of the door with the promise that this is what will happen to her.

Kickass compensates her men handsomely to find Santos and fight the war on her behalf. Eventually she tracks down one of Santos right-hand men, Wallace to a fancy restaurant. After a brief exchange, he shocks her by putting his steak knife through her hand and sends his goons after her.

I won't spoil the cliffhanger but suffice to say it's basically another firefight. The issue is a marked improvement to the last few which can be accounted to the focus being on Patiences Superhero personal. The problem I had this time around is that this issue reads extremely fast.

I was done in about 5 minutes. The standout scene is the confrontation between Kickass and Wallace. The scene is short and seeing him stab her caught me off guard.

Issues like this are fine in trade but I'm not sure if they are worth the cover price. They have little to no depth but part of a larger narrative add flavor to the material. The downside to Kickass is that outside of costume Kickass is pretty lame.

The art direction in the issue is nothing special. The scenes are laid out in a fashion that is competent but nothing in particular, stands out. The pencils are solid and the colors are muddy which makes the entire issue feel bland. Nothing is terrible but nothing jumps out as particularly exciting either.

I hate to go with my initial complaint about the character but it honestly feels like the Pitch was to make Kickass a Badass Black Woman and figure out the plot as they go. I have the next few issues. I hope it gets better and I don't have to keep writing the same review over and over again.

Rating C

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