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Rainbow Brite #4 (of 5) Review Massive Disappointment

Jeremy Whitley (Author) • Xenia Pamfil (Pencils)

Valentina Pinto (Colorist) • Paulina Ganucheau (Cover Artist)

Dynamite (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

After a string of really positive reviews, I knew the streak would end but I didn't expect it to end with Rainbow Brite.

There are a few glaring problems I had with this comic at the outset that factored into my overall issues with the book.

First, the artist has changed from Brittany Williams to Xenia Pamfil. She's made Wisp noticeably older in this comic and the contrast between this issue and 1-3 is jarring.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the art initially. It wasn't because of the artist though. Brittany's Rainbow Brite is basically a Steven Universe reskin. It's not bad, but it's not my cup of tea. My biggest gripe here is that I've never been a fan of switching artists in the middle of a storyline. It rarely ever bodes well and doesn't fair well here either.

Xenia gets to depict a couple of great pages in the comic but something just feels off throughout the issue and it's mainly because of the change of artists

The second major issue I have with the comic is that the scope of the story seems a lot bigger than a 5 issue mini-series will be able to cover. Jeremy Whitley hasn't really covered a lot of ground in this series and with about 22 pages left of the story I'm setting myself up to be underwhelmed. (I have issue 5 I just haven't got too it yet).

This comic sees the introduction of the Red Flare, The Red Guardian and Starlight, the talking horse. The characters in this issue seem overwhelmingly snarky and Starlight just seems off. During the story, Wisp takes a stand and Saves Starlight only to disappointed to find out that Starlight turns out to be an Asshole. The new characters are stock and seem to be lacking in any of the charm built up in the prior chapters.

Wisp is the most interesting character in this issue as she should be. She continues her heroine's journey toward becoming Rainbow Brite. Things seem to be a bit too easy for her despite all of the challenges. I hesitate to call her a Mary Sue though because she does have legit character growth, but the storyline is pushing it.

Overall this issue was a bit of a bummer. The covers from Paulina Ganucheau and the original Hallmark art brim with imagination and nostalgia. The interiors have been uneven. The story has bright spots but the inconsistencies have really brought down the tone of the series.

At this stage of the series, I think it's safe to say that if you're a fan of the character it's probably best to pick this up series up in trade. The single issues simply aren't worth the 3.99 cover price.

Rating C

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