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Justice League #9 Review

Scott Snyder (Author) • Jorge Jimenez (Pencils)

Alejandro Sanchez (Colorist) • DC Comics (Publisher)

Jim Cheung & Tomeu Morey (Cover Artists)

Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair (Variant Cover)

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Just like Justice League Dark #5, this comic is a transitional issue between story arcs. It sets the table for our characters but beyond that, it's not a memorable comic book at all. I read it twice last week and glanced at it again prior to writing this review. There is really nothing special to this issue.

That's not to say that the art or writing in Justice League #9 is bad but it's a really uneventful experience that you won't remember after a few days, if ever.

The throughline of the issue is Superman's reassembly of the moon and his encounter with an alien race of solar vampires known as Coronavores. Interspersed with this engagement we check in on all the characters dealing with the fallout from the last battle with the revitalized legion of doom.

Batman is recovering, John Stewart and Flash have lunch, Wonder Woman and Aquaman rebuild. There is a lot of character building throughout but the most interesting exchange comes when Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter get into a small skirmish related to their time in the source wall.

There really isn't anything else here. If you were inclined to skip an issue of the series this would be the comic to do so. It's a slice of life with the League and a weak issue systematic of the larger problem with the bi-weekly publishing schedule. The comics isn't bad just about as uneventful as you can get.

Rating C-

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