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Shredder in Hell #2 Review It's Lit!!!

Mateus Santolouco (Author-Artist) • Marcelo Costa (Colors)

IDW (Publisher) • Bobby Curnow (Editor) • Get it Now (Amazon)

My last three reviews were Justice League #9, Justice League Dark #5 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #92. All suffered from the same problem of being transitional issues between storylines that came off as either flat, uneventful or boring. None were particularly bad but I wasn't exactly chomping at the bit for the next issues.

Shredder in Hell #2 has none of those problems and is a truly amazing issue. It hits all of the important metrics you look for in a comic, great art, excellent pacing, and an engaging lead character.

I've been reading IDW's TMNT line for a few years now and have most of the trades. I seem to have gaps in regards to Shredder's origin so at times I felt lost in this issue. It's nothing major but I feel that a reader would get more out of the issue with the missing context.

Shredder and the facsimile of Splinter continue their travels in Hell and fight Zombies, his father, and undead variants of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This issue is absolutely insane.

I mentioned it before but it bears repeating that Mateus is killing it in this series and is putting an exclamation point on his place as the top TMNT artist. The colors from Marcelo Costa are also suitably atmospheric, adding to the dreamlike quality of the events.

I would love to see Mateus Santolouco's take on other characters outside of the TMNT line. Not that I'm tired of him on these characters. I just want to see him get the credit that he deserves, and series like Shredder in hell seem to be destined to slide under the radar. No matter how good it is.

I absolutely loved this comic. I'm very proud of the work the creative team is putting into this series and cannot wait to see what happens next. I'm intrigued as to the potential outcomes for the series. It's not a lock that Shredder will be resurrected. If he is there are hints being dropped that he may end up being reformed. It's a long shot and would be a complete shift in dynamic for the series.

With the main line somewhat stagnating a Shredder in the role of ally would be a great change of pace for the line.

Rating A

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