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Deathstroke #38 Review

• Christopher Priest (Author) • Fernando Pasarin (Pencils) • Jeromy Cox (Colorist) • Tyler Kirkham & Tomeu Morey (Cover Artists) • Francesco Mattina (Variant Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

It's been a minute since I revisited the Deathstroke Series and I don't really have an explanation for why. It's on my pull and it's never a bad reading experience I'm just never blown away by anything happening in the series. Furthermore, it's really underwhelming that we're looking at yet another series with an extended story arc featuring Harvey Dent, Two-Face.

Harvey has his moments but after recently completing a really terrible arc in Detective featuring the character I'm really tired of the Harvey Two-Face at the moment. He's better utilized in this series and has a fight with Willow that is more interesting than anything that happened in the Batman storyline.

This issue continues the Deathstroke Arkham story arc. We're provided with more insight into what happened during the period of time in which Slade managed to escape and was abducted by Aliens.

The plot thickens as it turns out the that during the abduction period Deathstroke and Devon were apparently involved in an intergalactic war.

It's really interesting stuff and the question is whether Slade is telling the truth or if he's really delusional.

The weakest aspect of the series for me has been the B-Plot with Slade's family. I never seem to care and none of it seems as interesting as the main story. I find myself bored whenever Slade isn't on the panel.

The art is also really solid. The Deadshot costume that Devon wears looks especially cool. The comic has a lot going on for it and I'm 100% sure this arc will read 100% better in trade.

It's an interesting story just not as exciting as I would like. I want to know what happens next but not that interested in putting the book on the top of my review list.

Review B

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