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Scrimshaw: Tears of the Sonoran Sea #1 (of 4) Review

Eric Borden (Author) • Dave Mims (Pencils-Colors)

Spike O' Laochha (Colorist) • Alternacomics (Publisher)

I picked up Scrimshaw #1 based on Dave Mim's cover and the attractive $1.50 cover price I've come to expect from Alternacomics. Aside from those 2 factors I had no idea what to expect from the issue or the series. Checking out the inside cover apparently this is the second volume for this series.

The story identifies our leads and gives them the new mission to assassinate a head of state. The story puts the antagonists in position to oppose them. Outside of those factors I really don't have much to say about the issue.

It works, but just barely as a single issue. I'm not familiar with the characters or the prior storyline and this book isn't the most accessible. The comic also doesn't have much, if any action at all. As a new reader it feels like I'm jumping into a story that has already started. An easy comparison would be one of the bottleneck/filler episodes of The Walking Dead.

Some stories circumvent this by changing locales or inserting a POV stand in for new readers. This doesn't seem to be the case with Scrimshaw. I'm sure the action will pick up as the story develops, and the characters will be fleshed out further as the series goes on. As it stands with the current issue I can only give a tepid recommendation.

It's not a terrible comic but it's not a memorable affair. I've read the issue twice and I'm struggling to remember anything from the book without going back for direct references to finish the review.

The art is okay but with the events being so bland nothing really stands out. I checked out Dave Mim's Deviantart page and some of the art there is amazing.

By comparison some of the linework here leaves much to be desired. There are a couple decent splash pages but the colors and tones are muted throughout the issue giving the art direction a drab appearance throughout. I'm not sure if this because of the newsprint but it's just not the prettiest comic to look at.

I hope that the pace of Scrimshaw picks up because based on the first issue I'd say wait for the trade. I want to be fair but I have to be honest, this aint it chief.

Rating C-

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