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The Lone Ranger #5 (of 5) The Excellence in Execution

Mark Russell (Author) • Bob Q (Pencils - Colors)

Dynamite (Publisher) • Get it Now (Amazon)

From beginning to end, The Lone Ranger has been a joy to read in the grand scheme of things and may be one of the best Mini-Series of 2019.

The series may also be one of the best western comics ever made. I'm not being hyperbolic, the setting is a romanticism of the frontier era but Mark Russell has managed to modernize The Lone Ranger & Tonto for the current day in a way in which it doesn't feel as if I'm watching something from the 1950s.

The story resolves the arc involving Conner the Cannibal in dramatic fashion. He's not the chief antagonist in this issue but makes an impression and also gets the best moments in the comic. If we don't get anymore Lone Ranger stories from this creative team I'd still love to continue following Conner and his escapades.

The series has few missteps, but one of my chief complaints has been that the Ranger hasn't had much to do in the series, leaving all of the series heavy lifting to Tonto.

This isn't a gripe as Tonto and the rest of the supporting cast has been brilliant. It's just Jarring that The Lone Ranger has felt like a guest star in his own comic. In this issue, we learn that the story structure is by design and his impact is much larger than I expected.

Bob Q has done an amazing job adapting this script while ramping up the tension, humor, and atmosphere throughout the series. The comic could have easily fallen flat if any of the design elements were off. I'm happy to say that the cohesion between the creative team has managed compile hit after hit with this series and scoring a homerun with this conclusion.

The Lone Ranger along with indies such as Image Comic's, Unnatural, IDW's Go-Bots, and AlternaComic's Bloodrealm make a solid case that maybe the current model of continually releasing ongoing series should be put to pasture.

The Lone Ranger would have made a great ongoing series but I respect the creative team more for telling a complete story and maybe picking the series up down the line if inspiration and the stars align.

I can't wait to see what comes next for all parties involved and look forward to the next Lone Ranger series. Whoever comes next has some big boots to fill.

Issue Rating: A+

Series Rating: A

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