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NinjaK #8 Review

Christos Gage (Author) • Juan Jose Ryp (Pencils)

Jordie Bellaire (Colorist) • Tonci Zonjic (Cover Artist)

Valiant (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

Some of my earliest and fondest memories as a comic reader involve massive superhero and villain battles during tabletop sessions of the Marvel TSR role-playing game.

X-Men Vs Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Avengers Vs. Masters of Evil, I always looked forward to seeing massive brawls and the interplay between the characters involved. NinjaK #8 features one of those battles and it's flat out awesome.

Before getting to the body of the review I want to mention the weakest aspect of these last few issues. These covers are terrible. I'm not sure what happened but these washed out covers from Tonci Zonjic are probably the main reason why these reviews are coming so late despite the interior content being some of the best on the shelves.

The covers don't reflect really reflect the interior art and actively do a disservice to the creators involved in the series. I'm not going to go as far as to say that Tonci is a bad artist, but these covers should not have been approved.

Now to the good stuff, this review is almost a year late. In that timeframe, Livewire and Punk Mamba have graduated from role players in this arc to leads in their own series.

I'm actually going to pick up Punk Mamba #1 today and hope for the best. Livewire was actually one of my worst reading experiences since I got back into comics a few years back. In any case, both characters are extremely promising in these issues and I can see why they graduated to the majors.

The bulk of the comic follows Ninjak's team Vs. The Coalition, a group of Immortals bent on taking over the world. I love when motivations are simple in comics. The book is a wonderfully old skool affair.

The characters all match up well. The powers are all cool and used creatively. I don't have the deepest knowledge of the characters but I recognize when something looks cool. About 95% of the issue looks cool, dynamic and fun.

Juan and Jordie make illustrating comics look easy. I like all of his character designs but I really love his take on Livewire. She looks gorgeous and it makes me wonder how they settled on such a flat design when setting up her own series.

Christos Gage along with Robert Vendetti are two of the best Superhero writers in comics. They have a great grasp on comics as a medium and get the most out of their artists whether knocking out a great single issue or pacing a storyline. Nothing feels wasted here the comic doesn't feel any longer than it needs to be to tell this story.

The next issue is the conclusion to this arc. I know that the story will be great. The real question is how insane the ending will be. If the editors would approve better covers If would have given the issue an A+

Rating A

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