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Feast or Famine #1 (of 3) Review - Challengers of the Fantastic Tesla and Einstein Cut Loose

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Dave Swartz (Author-Colorist) • Joseph Cooper (Pencils-Inks)

Wes Locher (Letters) • Alterna Comics (Publisher)

I've discovered that since I've got back into comics in 2015 that I've become a huge fan of comics that touch on historical fiction. Feast or Famine is another of those stories along with The Lone Ranger and The Snagglepuss chronicles that will give you a great story and entice you into doing some homework after reading.

Feast or Famine pushes the boundaries a bit further by being a full-blown sci-fi tale.

The names of the lead characters have been changed presumably to avoid lawsuits but fairly obvious who they are supposed to be.

After being repeatedly screwed over by men in power such as Samuel Edison, Nicholas Teska finally finds a benefactor that allows him to pursue his scientific goals without the risk of exploitation hanging over him.

Teska along with Albalien Stein eventually discover a radio signal of extraterrestrial origin which kicks the story into full science fiction territory. Teska and Stein decide to explore the cosmos and locate the source of the signal.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked Feast and Famine up at my comic shop. The premise is very intriguing and I loved the alternate historical take on Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.

These aren't new ideas, anyone that played Command and Conquer in the 90s have seen there individuals spun into potentially different timelines. It's still fun to imagine what could have been.

Even better than the comics hook is the art. This may be the first non-action oriented book I've seen that is just as exciting as a superhero comic. Every page, every panel is exciting to look at from the pencils to the amazing colors.

You often hear people in the industry saying that it's impossible to produce comics and pay creators with $1.50 comics. You'll get that argument or you'll say that no one will pay for newsprint comics because of the quality. ​​

I look at the pencils and colors in comics like Feast and Famine, Blood Realm and Eden and I call bullshit. I've come to the conclusion that most publishers aren't confident enough in their product so the higher prices are there to exploit a rapidly diminishing fanbase.

I'm not sure about what direction the series will go or if even more historical figures will show up but the issue is fun and a great launchpad for future stories. I can't find anything to complain about.

Rating 10/10

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