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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #93 City At War PT 1 Review/Rumination

Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, Tom Waltz (Authors)

Dave Wachter (Pencils) • Ronda Pattison (Colorist)

IDW (Publisher) • Get it now (Amazon)

" The Sleeper Has Awakened"

I've come to the conclusion after reading this issue that following Slashes death in issue #88 that the Micro-Series should have probably been folded into the main series or the main title should have have been placed on hiatus until the mini series had been completed.

My chief complaint about the series in the recent month is that it has been running in place and all forward momentum has all but ceased.

That changes with issue #93. This is the first time in a while that the story seems to be actually be going somewhere.

Kevin Eastman IDW convention exclusive

This is gonna be a longer review but I won't be getting into heavy spoilers. What I will say is that I implore any fan of the series to take the time and get the TMNT-Macro series that was released last year. I've reviewed each issue here and on my Youtube channel. That series actually does more to inform the current events than the last 5 issues. You can enjoy the current arc without he Macro-Series but you're missing out.

This comic is a lot of fun and feels like the book that Tom Waltz and company have been holding back for a while now. All of the characters are finally in play and Karai makes her move to secure the Foot Clan from Splinter and Clan Hamato.

Aside from Karai there are a few X-factors playing out in the background that I assume will factor into the event but at this time I have no idea.

1. The book opens up surprisingly on the Nutrino's spaceship. The characters have not been seen in a while and the fact that they are hovering in the background hints that something big is potentially developing.

2. It's pretty obvious that Baxter Stockman is going to win his mayoral campaign. April is working for him. One of the first things he will have to deal with is a full-scale war going on between Clan Hamato and the Foot Clan. How this is dealt with is going to be very interesting.

3. How will the Agent Bishop and Metalheads alliance factor into this story? The turtles may be in for a very rude awakening if the EPF shows up and teams up with Baxter the Turtles may end up in a no-win situation.

4. How will Old Hob and the Mutanimals factor into the story. Hob has the tech to bring his own war to bear on the EPF anyone that gets in his way. He's the biggest X-Factor in this conflict and it will be interesting to see if he ends the conflict or makes the situation even worse.

On top of those questions, we also have a situation developing between Raphael and Leonardo that shocked me even though it shouldn't have in light of recent events.

With the exception of Donatello nearly being beaten to death in issue #44 Raph has had it a lot harder than any of the other turtles and is still clearly traumatized by the events of Macro-Series Raphael.

He's another X-Factor in this war and his treatment also highlights the weakness of Leonardo as a leader. Something I never thought I'd be saying.

The emerging problem I see developing is that Raphael is at the end of his rope and tired of moving from conflict to conflict with no end in sight. He's not that far off from Michelangelo in that respect. The difference being that Raphael has had it a lot worse than Mikey and is a lot more jaded.

Raph is in real need of a mental health check but he's not getting it and I can see Raph possibly leaving the team altogether. Leonardo is focused on keeping the family together and protecting the clan but he's missing the details.

This issue ends on a pretty shocking cliffhanger. The stakes for this conflict are established and going forward I expect to see casualties on both sides.

None of the characters feel particularly safe and we've seen that Tom isn't afraid to compromise our heroes in service of the story.

Dave Wachter is back on art and the series is better for it. He also gets a lot to do. This is a layered issue, there are quiet scenes interspersed with sudden and intense violence. Everything feels right. Dave and Ronda establish the atmosphere and impending sense of dread to come sure to come in the coming issues.

This issue gave me a lot to think about and that's an exciting prospect for me. There are a lot of threads being pulled to tell this story. It appears that the road to issue #100 may be paved in ruin for our heroes.

Rating A+

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