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The Mighty Mascots #1 (of 3) Review "After These Messages, we'll

Keith Gleason (Author) • Ian Waryanto (Pencils)

Anton Bandi (Colorist) • AlternaComics (Publisher)

Do you remember Saturday Morning Cartoons? Every Saturday, usually between 6-11 AM there would be a block of cartoons across all major networks. It was my childhood, and it was beautiful.

Mighty Mascots feels like an IP that would fit firmly into a Saturday morning animation block along with the associated toy line.

The premise of the story is extremely goofy. A 3D printing accident brings our heroes from the cereal boxes into the real world. They unite under the leadership of Professor Manny Coleman, a former child star to bring justice to the world.

As a child, I always wondered what the cereal mascots did when they weren't selling cereal to children. They all seemed to have their own unexplored backstories beyond simply being mascots. A prime example would be the General Mills Monster Mascots. This comic plays right into the idea of what if the lives of Cereal mascots were explored.

Once you get past the concept, the issue is a pretty straight forward hero versus villain affair.

Our Heroes are;

1. Captain Horatio Honeyflakes - Captain Crunch

2. Boxer Bear - Suger Bear/Golden Crisp

3. Mondo Martian - I'm guessing Quisp but not sure

4. Brewster Mcpunch - My guess is a combo of Kool-Aid man and Hawaiian punch

5. Sea-Rat - Toucan Sam/Fruit Loops

6. Whack, Smack, Boom - Snap, Crackle, Pop - Rice Crispies

The Mascots do battle with Muckmouth and the Tarter Creeps. The fight lasts the majority of the issue with both sides getting good moments to shine.

I loved the lighthearted tone Keith Gleason went for with the issue. It's kid-friendly without being totally dumbed down. The art of Ian Waryanto is also serviceable.

All of the characters are distinct and I really liked the energy and urgency to the issue. Nothing feels wasted. My only gripe is that I'm not a fan of all of the white space throughout the issue.

Because I've seen the original art and colors from the kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, I think the washed out colors may just be because of the printing techniques in translating to newsprint. When the series is eventually released in trade it may be worth picking up just to see how it prints in the prestige format.

When the colors pop they really stand out, but there are some pages that have minimal backgrounds or details. This is a stark contrast to the rest of the issue.

Overall, Mighty Mascots #1 is a cool Idea and a fun start to this mini-series. If you're like me it's a nice throwback to your childhood. I'm pretty sure it won't appeal to everyone, but it covers enough ground to justify its existence and the fundamentals are solid.

Rating B-

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