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Transformers #2 Review

Brian Ruckley (Author) • IDW (Publisher)

• Angel Hernandez & Cachet Whitman (Pencils)

Joana LaFuente & Josh Burcham (Colorists) • Get it Now (Yes)

Being that I've never been the biggest Transformers fan or followed the lore too closely I can say that this series is easily my favorite take on these characters to date.

The issue ironically feels a lot like my previous review, Justice League Odyssey #3, just executed better. The story picks up immediately following the prior issue's cliffhanger. Brainstorm is dead and nothing will ever be the same again, at least that's the impression I'm left with for the setting.

he issue can be broken into three parts. The first part covers the murder of Brainstorm and the mystery surrounding his death. The second part of the comic covers the continual development of the relationship between Bumblebee and the newly forged transformer Rubble. The final aspect of the issue focuses on the developing situation with Megatron and the Ascenticons.

The comic is great and is probably one of the few examples of decompressed storytelling in recent memory and feels like a thought out story rather than just another book paced for an eventual trade paperback. There isn't a ton of action but its made up by the excellent script, intrigue, and worldbuilding.

The strongest aspect of the book are the parts focusing on Rubble and Bumblebee. Their relationship reminds me of the relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan in that Obi-Wan tries his best but he's probably not the best teacher for Rubble. This story also takes place before Bumblebee joined the autobots so it will be interesting to see how the story gets him to that point.

The stuff with Megatron and the Ascenticons is the weakest story element but it doesn't hurt the series. The problem is that it kind of feels like Megatron's role as villain is set in stone so it's hard not to see where his story is heading. Aside from that tepid complaint, I don't have much to gripe about with the story aside from minor gripes with the art.

The pencils aren't the strongest but they are bailed out by Joana and Josh who do an amazing job with the colors for this issue. They both do a great job in conveying the wonder of the setting and elevate the linework tremendously. The pencils aren't all bad and some pages are truly breathtaking when everything comes together.

Colorists rarely get the attention they deserve but this team does an awesome job melding the art direction with the script and should be acknowledged for tying the threads together here.

This is another solid addition to the new series and I'm intrigued to know where the story goes from here.

Rating B+

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