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Scorpio #1 Review - What's Your Sign?

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

John Robinson IV (Author) • Cezar Oliveira (Pencils)

NOPEYS : Norman de Mesa (Cover Artist)• Get it now (Go For it)

I decided to check out Scorpio #1 after having a couple of positive interactions with its creator, John Robinson IV on Twitter. He's a good dude and it's too see new creators on the scene taking the risk and putting their money where their mouths are when it comes to producing new Ideas and concepts.

Scorpio follows Daniel Shim, owner-operator of Architech security. He's a successful businessman. Everything is coming up roses for him as his company is on the forefront of home automation. David also has a solid support system of friends and family. In the background, there are mystical elements related to astrology, legacy, and destiny.

All of these elements combine into a nice setup for an ongoing adventure. Scorpio is very well written and has some of the best dialogue you'll read in a comic. The characters all read like real people and I can tell that dialogue either comes naturally to John or he worked hard at getting it right. All of the interactions between characters feel pitch perfect.

If this comic was prose I wouldn't have any complaints at all with the issue. it's as close to perfect as you can get as an opening chapter to a new world.

Where I do have to levy complaints to the issue is that Scorpio is largely a setup issue and doesn't fully take advantage of comic books as a visual medium.

The comic opens and closes with action which frames the book but the the bulk of the issue is designed to flesh out the characters. Most comics I review that are new IP spend the first issue worldbuilding. Scorpio spends the first issue fleshing out the characters with minimal worldbuilding. It's not a bad idea, it's just feels different.

Daniel is a likable guy and his interactions are all interesting but I think the action should have been interspersed throughout the issue rather than used as a framing device.

I also understand why John decided to hold back on giving too much explanation about the setting. However, I believe that the book would have been better served by putting it all out there, making a bigger comic, getting past the introduction phase of the series and moving to the next phase of the story.

I just reviewed Excellence #1 a few weeks back. I feel that Excellence is thematically similar to Scorpio and one of the aspects that I really liked about Excellence was that it got all of the introduction out of the way in the first issue.

In doing so the series can now hit the ground running in Issue #2. Scorpio is keeping its cards close to the vest and issue #2 will more than likely still be in setup phase which is the recipe for decompressed storytelling.

The art for the comic is okay but Cezar Oliveira doesn't really get much to do in this issue. The majority of the comic is subdued. The character models are all diverse and interesting to look at. I appreciate the deliberate push for representation throughout the issue.

The cover options are also amazing. I snagged the Naomi variant. I love the characters and designs, I just wish they factored into the story more.

I'm down for more Scorpio it's a solid start to a new IP. If nothing else I need to know what happens in chapter 2.

Rating B-

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