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Turnbuckle Titans: Nikolai Volkoff Authorized Biography #1 Review

John Crowther (Author) • Del Barras (Pencils)

Andrew Pate (Colorist) • Kelsey Shannon (Cover Artist)

Antarctic Press (Publisher) •Get it now (Yes)

I picked up Nikolai Volkoff #1 a couple of months back from my Local Comic Shop. I initially wasn't sure if I'd pick the book up or not but what won me over is my love of 80's wrestling and the excellent cover from Kelsey Shannon.

The book is straightforward in its presentation. I didn't realize it was going to be a mini-series, which is on me as it would be pretty hard to condense anyone's life into a 22-page comic.

The material sheds light on Nikolai's family history. It begins with his grandfather being murdered by communists and then touches on his early education and athletic achievements. The book ends with is start in professional wrestling and his petition for asylum in Canada.

If you're a classic wrestling fan I can't recommend the comic enough. If you're a fan of biographies or history the book will still be worth checking out as it touches on historical events well beyond the scope of pro-wrestling.

The book provides a lot of insight into Nikolai's life. I'd love to see more books like this, spotlighting more wrestling legends.

The art isn't all that impressive, but it's competent and effectively conveys the events depicted. To be fair the story is interesting but the moments most readers will be interested in aren't in this issue. Del Barras has less to do here than he will once the action picks up and Nikolai begins his pro-wrestling career. The opening sequence of the books shows that Del can lay out an action sequence.

I also believe the inks are too heavy throughout the issue, making the book appear a lot more drab than necessary. Nikolai's personality is so colorful that the muted tones of the colors and inks aren't a good fit in this instance. Gripes regarding the art direction aside this authorized biography is off to a great start.

Rating B

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