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Damage #12 Review - The Closest We'll Ever Get to Superman Vs Hulk

Robert Venditti (Author) • Aaron Lopresti (Pencils) • HI-FI (Colorist) • Aaron Lopresti - Brad Anderson (Cover Artists)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now (Yes)

Now I can't prove it and DC Comics will never admit it but I totally believe that editorial messed up the sequence of covers for Damage #11 and #12.

Damage #11 Features the character going up against the Justice League. This issue features the fight with Superman promised on last month's cover. One of my complaints on that issue was that the cover was misleading. If the covers got mixed up, now it makes sense.

Damage #12 is simple yet completely satisfying. The book still featured a $2.99 cover price and dollar for dollar was possibly the best value at DC the month it was released.

One of the longest running debates in comic fandom is who would win in a fight between Hulk and Superman. We don't get a definitive answer in this issue but the outcome is pretty much what I'd expect if the crossover actually happens one day.

The issue is a lot of fun and seeing the Back and Forth between the characters is simply a joy. Right now DC comics are in a dower spot with most of the major storylines focusing on villains and villainy. The characters here all feel like the best versions of themselves.

Aaron and HI-FI work well together and the tone of the issue feels brighter than I remember for the series. This change is fitting since it pits Damage against DC's biggest symbols of hope.

The ending of the comic is rather predictable if you've been following the series to this point. It's still nice to see the character continue to scale up to DC's biggest powerhouses. I have no doubt that if the general health of the comic industry had been a bit better than Damage would have not been canceled.

Aside from DC fatally goofing up the cover of the last two issues I don't have any complaints. If you want to see a Superman Vs. Hulk fight pick up these two issues, you can't go wrong.

Rating B+

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