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The Walking Dead #190 Review "How Robert Kirkman Got his Groove Back"

Robert Kirkman (Author) • Charlie Adlard (Pencils)

Stefano Gaudiano (Inker) • Cliff Rathburn (Graytones)

Image Comics (Publisher) • Buy it Now (Yes)

Walking Dead #190 brings something to the table that has been missing for a long time with this series, Momentum.

There has been drastic improvement in the comic over the last few months and it involves Robert Kirkman finally getting to the point with the CommonWealth.

Mercer has staged his coup and seems to be forcibly dragging Rick to his side. Michonne checks up on Elodie only to realize that she's preparing to go to go to war as well.

While this is happening a massive zombie horde approaches the town which threatens to make the entire conflict moot.

Maggie shows up out of nowhere with the Hilltop to assist and we end up with the biggest cliffhanger that I've personally read in the series.

I started reading the series with the current storyline so I'm not being hyperbolic. I also realize that I'm a couple of months behind and that there is a huge death coming.

I live for urgency and tension in my comics and I feel that this comic finds the perfect balance. Much of the improvement can also be seen in the art direction. Charlie Adlard finally has something to do besides draw casual conversations. There's a nice mix throughout the issue but the main point is that Sh*t has gotten real.

I believe the problem with this series is that the story is too big, has to cover to much ground and split the focus between to many characters. The television series has many of the same issues. I'm not sure if the book needs to be canceled but I think going smaller scale in the storytelling may benefit the series at some point.

Rating A

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