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Unnatural #10 Review - What will my life become once the series is over

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Mirka Andolfo (Author/Artist/Colorist/Cover)

• Gianluca Papi (Color Assistant) • Arancia Studio (Translation)

Otto Schmidt (Variant Cover) • Image (Publisher) • Get it now (Oh Hell Yes)

There are very few must-read series on my pull list. The three series that have my attention currently are Unnatural (Image Comics), BloodRealm (AlternaComics) and Excellence (Image Comics).

My Backlog may actually be impossible to catch up at this point but I'll try to push forward nevertheless.

The majority of Unnatural #10 features a full blown confrontation between "The Albino" possessed Leslie, Khal and Saya. The issue is amazing and a complete change of pace from my last several reviews.

Most of the recent books I've picked up and read had the same general complaint. There's decent dialogue but the artist is woefully underutilized because there's a trend of focusing the bulk of a comic on interpersonal relationships between characters rather than infusing the narrative with action.

With Unnatural, Sh*t happens, and it's astounding to me that the series quality has only managed to improve as time has gone on.

On top of the fight, more details are given regarding The Glance/Leslie's mothers origin. It turns out that she turned Evil for a very relatable reason. Although I understand It was still a pretty shitty reason to abandon a kid.

Even the side plot with Carol is stunning in how it illustrates just how sharp the dialogue is for the series has become. I'm not talking about useless blatter found in about 90% of comics today, I mean dialogue that raises the stakes, intrigue or curiosity regarding the setting.

Unnatural and Go-Bots are on my short list for series of 2019. The fact that these series fly completely under the radar is insane. Books like these show that there is still life out there. The publishers/comic shops just need to do a better job at promoting new and innovative projects.

I know I didn't get too heavy into mentioning the art or give an in-depth analysis of the issue itself and that's because the comic is practically perfect in scripting, pace, and art direction. There are 2 issues left and while I dread the series eventual end. I am so proud of all involved in making this series happen.

Rating 10/10

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