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BloodRealm: Shadowed Kingdom #2 (of 3) Dark Fantasy Done Right

Robert Geronimo (Author-Artist ) • Publisher (AlternaComics)

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Shadowed Kingdom is a pretty simple and straight-forward story that becomes more endearing the more you read and look at it. Most modern comics that I pick up never get much of a reaction out of me outside or reading, reviewing, and putting away never to be seen again.

With this issue, I read it three times before writing the review. Not because I felt like I missed anything or because the story was complex or deep. I was just so engrossed by the worldbuilding and the setting that I wanted more time with it. This is especially impressive to me because the narrative follows a simple Point A to B track of story progression.

The comic picks up immediately following the conclusion of the last issue with our narrator and his crew descending into the catacombs of the Lost City of the Iron Wolves.

It's pretty clear that our lead protagonists The Saytrians, are battle-hardened soldiers. Nevertheless, Robert Geronimo manages to convey equal parts, astonishment, fear and dread with every step our lead characters take through the catacombs.

I say it in every review of Blood Realm that the series reminds me of Dragon Age. This issue is no exception, especially the segments of the game in which our heroes travel through the "Deep Roads" facing unspeakable horrors at every turn.

The pencils and inks conveys the horror of the setting majestically. None of the characters appear to be human but nevertheless, their fear is literally etched in their faces. This is a testament to the art direction.

Blood Realm Shadowed Kingdom isn't scary to read but the setting feels absolutely terrifying. Our leads don't want to be here and it's conveyed through the art brilliantly.

The stark reds and the black and white backgrounds and tones are as striking here as in any other issue. They work especially well toward the back half of the book where things get even crazier with the setting.

I won't spoil it here, but the ending caught me completely off guard. Once again Robert Geronimo has me on the edge of my seat and once again I'm pissed off that there is only one issue left to wrap things up. It's a great complaint to have.

The key strength of the series is the way lore is drip fed to the reader. If you're a fan of fantasy you'll want to know more about the world, it's really that simple. In every page, there is a new morsel of information to plant in the back of your mind. Whether it goes anywhere or not is inconsequential. The setting is just that interesting.

Rating A

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