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Turok #2 Review Well That Was Intense

Ron Marz (Author) • Roberto Castro (Pencils)

Salvatore Aiala (Colorist) • Bart Sears (Cover Artist)

Dynamite (Publisher) • Get It now (Hell Yes)

Damn, this issue was awesome. That being said this is the shortest review I've done in a while. I'm not too heavy into the characters here or the lore of the setting but Ron Marz is an amazing writer and sells all of it. I also liked that we're shown not told why Turok is such a dangerous threat or ally.

I just finished reading Mark Russell's Lone Ranger, also from Dynamite and its really cool that we got to see three Native American heroes featured so prominently this year.

The bulk of the issue centers around Turok, Andar, and the Soldiers hunting them reacting to the new world they now find themselves in. There is a lot of action in this book and its glorious.

The plot isn't especially deep. The action is dynamic and moves at a brisk pace but not fast enough where a reader would feel ripped off. It's also a lot of fun as Roberto and Salvator leave a lot of visual candy on every page.

The dinosaurs are varied and dangerous. We also get a few other elements thrown into the mix that I wasn't looking for. My expectations have definitely been subverted.

I really enjoyed this issue and want to see more. I legit have no complaints. This is a great single issue and I imagine that Turok will read great in trade once it's released. Dynamite is quickly becoming one of my favorite publishers with series like Turok leading the charge.

Rating A

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