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The Walking Dead #191-193 (Finale Review) - A Bittersweet sendoff

Robert Kirkman (Author) • Charlie Adlard (Pencils, Inks, Cover)

Cliff Rathburn (Graytones) • Image Comics (Publisher)

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I just reviewed The Walking Dead #190 last week and upon reading that issue I never got the impression that the series was about to end. I'm fairly behind on my reviews which you may have probably noticed if you check out my timeline. I saw that something big happened in #192 but I managed to avoid spoilers so I had no idea what happened. You would think that the events would have been bigger than they are.

I haven't seen anyone covering this issue which is surprising.

I was on twitter and totally got blindsided by the announcement that the series was ending. It was actually surreal and kind of shocking that a series would end so close to a perceived milestone, i.e. #200.

There's no way to offer an actual review without spoiling the major plot point of the last few issues. In issue #192 Rick Grimes was killed off.

Carl discovers him the next morning in his room turned into a walker and has to put him down. It's a pretty sad moment especially considering Carl also had to kill his mother. It's also bittersweet because the inciting incident that led to Rick's death also allows the world to really begin rebuilding.

Issue #193 does something that few long-running series are able to do, land a satisfying conclusion. I walked away from the comic very satisfied. The setting shifts from post-apocalypse to post-post-apocalypse with the world on the verge of recovery.

The issue also felt a lot like the epilogue of Red Dead Redemption. If you read the book I think you'll understand what I mean.

I began reading The Walking Dead with the Commonwealth storyline so I missed the seminal events of the series such as Woodbury, Negan's introduction, and the Whisperer war.

Although there are a few issues during this arc that meander heavily I think this storyline is solid with the last few issues standing out as being pretty amazing.

I'm not sure if this is the definitive end of The Walking Dead. Even with the zombie genre slowing down the setting has so much potential that It's really hard to believe that we'll never see another comic in this universe.

I also want to shout out Charlie Adlard, the unsung hero of the series. He doesn't produce the most dynamic art but he's a solid storyteller and the series would be completely different without him providing the linework.

It's gonna be very strange going to my comic shop and not picking up the next issue of The Walking Dead. It's been a fixture of my pull list for the past 2 years and the series conclusion leaves a huge hole. Not only in my pull list but the overall comic industry in general. Who or what series will step up to fill this void. Only time will tell...


Issue: 191- A

Issue: 192 - A+

Issue: 193 - A+

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