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The Silencer #11 Review - Great Action, Poor Continuity

Updated: May 14, 2020

Dan Abnett (Writer) • Jack Herbert (Pencils)• Mike Spicer (Colorist)

Tyler Kirkham & Arif Prianto (Cover Artists) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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Of the 4 New Age of Heroes titles that I review regularly, The Silencer tends to be one of the weaker series. Aside from some really high spots the series gets grounded by a few basic problems outside of its control.

we'll touch on some in this review, but we get a reprieve from my normal complaints regarding the series this time around.

The book is worth reading primarily because of the value proposition in relation to other series. At the time of publishing, Silencer was still 2.99. For the price, it's better than most of the books that DC or Marvel is producing right now. I know that the last issue of the series came out last week and the cover price eventually jumped to 3.99. I figured I would keep reviewing the series because I'm curious to see if the comic actually achieves some of its potential.

This issue begins a new Story-Arc but honestly just continues the last one. Silencer and her makeshift team travel to the Leviathan stronghold in an attempt to prevent Talia Al Ghul from being resurrected.

I'm not sure it's actually a spoiler to announce that our Anti-Heroes don't make it in time, Whomp Whomp!!

What we get is decent action and minor development. To be fair Talia get a fairly dramatic speech that would be amazing if the overall story didn't feel so inconsequential.

I don't think that DC ever really cared about the series enough to really give it a chance to succeed. Talia was killed a few months ago but I'm pretty sure she was solicited appearing somewhere else during the same timeframe.

When a major character is killed off and it's not news outside the parent series you know the publisher's continuity is trash. Talia's death and resurrection happen so quick that Batman doesn't even get a chance to acknowledge it in his series. You'd think it would be the perfect time to shine a light on Bruce and Damian's reaction at least.

Aside from the general complaint about DC Comics, the issue is quite good. In fact, if this wasn't a DC comic with ties to the lines continuity I would have given the issue a B or maybe even an A-. Jack Herbert is on pencils and the setting instantly feels bigger.

There doesn't feel like much of a difference between Jack and Patch but I prefer this art over the last several issue.

The action is good and there are even good moments with The Silencer's husband which is something we haven't seen in this series to date.

The comic isn't bad but it's pretty clear that DC has abandoned the series at this point. If they don't care why should we.

Rating C+

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