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Naomi #3 Review It's Never As Good As The First Time

Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker (Author)

Jamal Campbell (Pencils - Cover) • DC Comics (Publisher)

• Recommend (If you wait for the trade I wouldn't blame you)

Brian Michael Bendis may be one of the most polarizing men in comics right now. He constantly gets so much hate directed at him that it's hard to believe that at one point he was comic book royalty. He's still one of the most notable creators out there but the general consensus is that he's past his prime. In some circles, the consensus is he should be put out to pasture.

Apparently, he's destroying the Superman titles. I can't judge that situation because I'm not reading Superman.

I am reading Naomi and issue's #1 and #2 have been an absolute joy. I'm not sure if this is because David Walker is co-writing the series, but I'm not finding any major flaws here other than pacing. This comic has its flaws that we'll get into, but it also has the strongest 5-7 opening pages I've read in years.

The comic works primarily because Bendis and David know that if you're invested to this point you want to know what the hell is going on with Naomi and Dee. It's pretty obvious there's a connection, but what?

Aside from the narrative bombs dropped in this issue we firmly establish some core personality traits for our chief protagonist.

1. She doesn't back down from confrontation. Dee is twice her size and looks like he's done a hard time. Naomi still presses him for answers an eventually gets them.

2. Naomi constantly jumps to conclusions.

Both of these traits are potential strengths but also potential weaknesses as she is further established in this series.

This issue gives us our answers about Dee and takes Naomi further down the rabbit of her origins.

I have to admit that I didn't get the answers that I wanted and the potential direction of the series Isn't as strong as I was hoping.

We're still in the origin phase of the series so I'll reserve judgment until this arc is complete.

The opening scenes are amazing, the middle interesting, the conclusion of the issue is meh. I'm still invested the conclusion of this arc but my expectations have definitely been lowered

Jamal Campbell continues to get some nice material but in this issue aside from a few flashback scenes, there isn't much to be impressed with. He does amazing work conveying the emotion necessary for the opening scenes, but the back half of the issue is pretty bland. There's a lot of talking and confrontations but not much action which is his key strength as an artist.

To be fair there hasn't been too much action at all in the series but this issue seems sort of off.

I was neither blown away or disappointed by this issue. Hopefully, this is just a bump in the road and not a full on downward slope.

Rating B-

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