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Batman Damned - Book 3 Review What Dafaq did I just read?

Brian Azzarello (Author) • Lee Bermejo (Pencils-Cover)

Jim Lee & Alex Sinclair (Variant Cover) • Jared K. Fletcher (Letterer)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Recommend (Sure but I'd wait for the trade)

Full disclosure, I cheated with this review. I was totally lost after reading this issue. I went back and read it again and was still fuzzy. At that point, I said f*ck it and watched Comics Explains rundown of the issue.

I typically never watch other content creators opinions prior to sharing mine for fear that their opinions may influence my own and diminish the credibility of my review.

Considering I got clarity from Rob It's only fair that I link his video.

If you don't mind spoilers the link is an excellent assessment.

Batman Damned has been the most uneven series I've reviewed since I got back into comics in 2015 with possibly the exception of Bebop & Rocksteady hit the road from IDW.

The first Book was confusing and weird, introducing us to Batman's dick. The second book was excellent and had one of my favorite cliffhangers of the year to date.This issue is isn't bad it's just disjointed. Batman Damned is the equivalent of reading Shakespeare in 2019. The story is great but you have to work for it.

The most consistent aspect of the series is the artwork from Lee Bermejo. This is the most beautiful book on the shelves and in my humble opinion it's worth the cover price alone.

My favorite aspect of the Book is the rendition of the Batsuit. The detail in the armor is great. It looks worn and I love that you can make out the armor scales in the suit. The damage that is affecting Bruce becomes more pronounce the longer that you look at the pages. The more you look the more you see and it's amazing.

On the flip side, Brian Azzarello script is possibly the most confusing story you'll ever read. The plot is hazy and to be fair it's an intentional narrative device, but it hurts the flow of the story and diminishes the impact of the project and its conclusion.

I'd love to get alternate takes on the ending since apparently I'm an idiot. I'm currently ruminating on Wacky Raceland and I'm debating on making Batman: Damned my next series to deep dive into, if only for my sanity.

Even with my mixed reaction to the series, Batman Damned does justify its existence. We also have no idea how much of the story was altered after "Penisgate". I'm not sure who to blame for the series inconsistencies, Brian or DC?

Rating C+

Series Rating B-

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