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Sideways #11 Review - I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Dan Didio (Author) • Kenneth Rocafort (Pencils - Cover)

Daniel Brown (Colors) • DC Comics (Publisher)

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I recently reviewed Silencer #11 and now I'm reviewing Sideways. Sideways was canceled months ago. The last issue of the Silencer shipped last month.

The sad thing is that both of these issues along with Damage #11 and the always awesome Curse of the Brimstone had all hit their stride around this time.

The cancellations, in my opinion, are based more around the lack of faith in these characters and the shit general marketing of the comic book industry.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that "The New Age of Heroes" books were largely ignored because of the decreased cover price. It's probably unfounded but it's a lot harder to justify a $3.99 book when a $2.99 title of similar quality is right next to it.

Sideways #11 is another solid issue. What's also disappointing it's plainly obvious that Dan Didio genuinely loves this character. The story picks up immediately after the events of the last issue's cliffhanger with Ernie being captured by the villainous bolt and Sideways needing to save her.

It's a pretty straightforward story. The leads get great action sequences and the minor characters get fleshed out with some nice character development.

Bolt is a nice contrast to Sideways with the main difference between the characters being that he can fly while Derek (Sideways) can travel through other dimensions.

The cancellation of Sideways may be 2019's biggest WTF announcement based on the trajectory of this issue alone. It's really hard to believe that comics this well written get totally ignored. It also speaks to the general health of the industry, it's not good.

Not much else to say, the story is engaging, Kenneth Rocafort's art is awesome, the action is great and $2.99 is a solid entry fee.

If you can find a Sideways back issue or trade it may be worth a read. The series was coming along nicely.

Rating 9/10

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