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Dick Tracy Forever #2 Review 2 Dicks 1 Case

Michael Avon Oeming (Author-Pencils) • Taki Soma (Colorist)

IDW (Publisher) • Get it now (Worth a Read)

Dick Tracy Forever #2 moves the classic detective further along in the timeline. Times change but crime remains the same. The story is again broken up into a couple of vignettes. The first is a simple story that plays off of the mythology surrounding Dick Tracy's 2-way Radio, it's a fun intro and blends right into the second story.

The second narrative follows Dick Tracy as he questions Broccoli Rabi, an informant about a Nazi plot potentially brewing in the city. It turns out the Nazi's have already infiltrated and are in league with Pruneface and The Brow.

Broccoli has a cool design. We also get the appearance of a new Detective by the name of Bricks. He fits right in with Tracy right down to the hat, fedora, and wristwatch. The difference between the two characters is that Bricks wears purple, is Black and his watch is a camera, it's a nice subtle way to show the progression of time. Bricks are also unnaturally strong which fits nicely with the mythos surrounding Dick Tracy.

The only weird aspect of the art direction is that Dick Tracy doesn't appear to have aged but Pruneface is noticeably older.

Sadly, It doesn't appear that we're ever going to see much depth in a Dick Tracy Comic. The story is entertaining but with the stories being so simplistic I question why Dick Tracy Forever wasn't just released as a Graphic Novel.

I know IDW wants revenue from floppies but this feels overpriced. The page quality and design elements are appealing but it doesn't make me feel any better about the 3.99 cover price.

If you're a fan of Dick Tracy the issues are worth reading. If you're a casual fan I'd wait for the trade it's really that simple. If the book was a dollar cheaper I probably wouldn't have had any problems with the comic at all. Go grab an Alterna Comic instead and wait for the collected edition.

Rating C+

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