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TMNT: Shredder in Hell #3 review The Emperor has no clothes

Mateus Santolouco (Author-Artist) • Marcelo Costa (Colors)

IDW (Publisher) • Bobby Curnow (Editor)

• Recommend (Wait for trade)

Shredder in Hell #3 is one of the most beautiful comics on the shelves. It's also one of the most confusing stories I've read in awhile. I made an almost identical observation with Batman Damned a couple of weeks back.

Both stories are somewhat marred by impenetrable plots. I chose the title of this review because once you get past the awesome linework and colors the story is a bit of a mess.

Shredder In Hell #3 feels like a fever dream of various disparate elements coalescing into a semblance of a story, but not sticking the landing. There is a lot of weird stuff in this issue and although I got lost at multiple points while reading, every page is fun and interesting to look at.

The issue see's Shredder continuing his journey through the afterlife. He encounters his father and the prior incarnation of himself and does battle along with Splinter. I don't have much more to say about the plot because I'm missing the context for why any of this is happening. I imagine that any new reader that picked up the issue because of the cover would have an even harder time.

What I really do appreciate is the softer take on the character of Shredder. I'm hoping that he sticks around beyond this series just to see him interact with the TMNT, Splinter, and Karai.

Although I have a less than stellar reaction to this issue, it's hard for me to call the book bad. I will say that this series may read better in trade. The script is weak, but the art is God-Tier. There is one issue left, the rest of the series has been solid. Hopefully, this issue was just a bump in the road and we get a satisfactory conclusion.

Rating C+

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