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Vampirella #1 Review - Half Naked Vampires Walking around in the Real World

Christopher Priest (Author-Artist) • Ergun Gunduz (Pencils -Colors)

Dynamite (Publisher) • Alex Ross (Cover) • Recommend (Yes)

When it was announced that Christopher Priest was gonna be writing Vampirella I raised an eyebrow, but still wasn't interested. I've never been a fan of the character. She's one of those characters like Shi, Lady Death, or Kabuki, from the bad girl era. You know them when you see them but you never brought their books.

What got me on board with buying this title was an interview with Newsrama in which Priest was forced to push back hard on the idea that Vampirella should be changed to fit the current political climate. Paraphrasing, Priest stated that he wouldn't be changing the character or costume, and had no interest in telling that story.

I respect the answer, especially in the current year. I also wish that we had more creators protecting these characters rather than molding them to fit whatever neurosis they are dealing with at the time.

This issue was really good. I'd never downplay Priests writing ability but even then I was skeptical about a serious take on Vampi. The character has always been goofy to me and I didn't expect much. The issue is basically a two-person play with flashbacks. Vampi is the survivor of a plane crash and currently under the care of a psychologist assigned to help survivors deal with the trauma of the events.

The interplay between Vampirella and Dr. Chary is the strongest aspect of the issue. She tries to convince him that she's a vampire from another planet while he's pushing back and tells her that she's full-a-shit at every turn. It's basically the response of any reasonable person.

The only notch I can levy at the issue is that the art is inconsistent throughout the issue. To be fair priest, doesn't give Ergun a lot to do outside of a few pages. There's a lot of dialogue and exposition but not much action. This may be a turn off to some readers, but since we're obviously setting up the status quo I didn't find any fault with the art direction outside of the inconsistency of some of the linework. Some of the art is great so I think rushing to judgment would be premature.

It's a solid start and another win for Dynamite comics. With the exception of Rainbow Brite, Dynamite has been coming up roses. The Lone Ranger and Turok are great. I hear good things about James Bond all the time. Dynamite is a publisher on the Rise and Vampirella is a worthy addition to their lineup of titles.

Rating B+

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