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Brand -An Initial Impression & Preview

Antonio Brice (Author) • Caanan White (Pencils)

• Kid Ikarus (Colorist) • Ikari Press (Publisher)

• Preview link - (Judge For Yourself)

• Get the Comic Now - http://bit.ly/Brand-Igg

A couple of days ago Antonio Brice and Caanan White blessed us with a preview edition of one of the most highly anticipated crowdfunded comics of 2019, Brand.

The preview presents the first 22 pages of the story and introduces most of the principal characters involved in the Graphic Novel. My initial impression is that the preview is a solid introduction to the setting and characters. It's an entertaining romp and doesn't give much of the story away at all.

The story opens with a flashback of Dawn, a young woman looking to find her way but quickly shifts. Dawn will become a very important character within the setting but doesn't get much time on the panel time in this preview.

We also get to spend time with some of the series potential antagonists who come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colorful personalities.

There are a lot of elements introduced here but the most interesting character for me was David Craven who comes across as a cross between Batman and The Incredible Hulk. The character is fun and subverts expectations in the most interesting way possible. He even has his own lair and Batmobile.

The characters all have the potential to be great and are beautifully illustrated by Caanan White who is easily one of the best artists working today. Completing the team is Team Ikaris who perfectly complements Caanan's Pencils.

Although I don't have any complaints on the writing or artistic fronts, I do have one concern. The story is billed as 48 pages and we just received the 22-page preview. It's possible that the story will be loaded in the back half with action and blockbuster revelations. There is also a possibility that the story will end on a conclusion that feels less like an ending, but the start to the real story.

I don't mind the setup since I do like the characters and presentation here, but I can see this potentially being an issue for some backers.

The link for the preview was linked above along with the link to the Indiegogo campaign. Check it out and support your indie comic creators, thanks for reading.

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