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Leave On The Light #1 Review - The Return of 80's Slasher

Bradley Golden - George Aguilar (Author) • Alex Sarbia (Pencils)

• Shannon Smith (Colorist) • Helmut Racho - David Hutchison (Covers) • Antarctic Press - Second Sight Studios (Publisher)

• Recommend (Worth a Shot)

Leave on the Light #1 begins like most classic Slasher films, with a murder. After the opening massacre, the comic shifts and introduces the reader to the principal players and sets up a potentially supernatural case for our lead detective.

The comic is a lot of fun, especially if you're a fan of horror and the macabre. Gary, the gruff, tough as nails Detective has seen murders like this before but lament's that it's impossible because the killer was executed months ago.

Has the killer returned from the grave or are we looking at a copycat situation?

The covers paint a grim picture and the interior art is just as brutal. The dialogue gets cheesy at times but the comic is still entertaining, especially if you're a fan of horror movies from the late '80s, early 90s.

I genuinely want to know where the story is going. I feel a misdirect coming, but I'm not 100% sure. In any case, Leave On The Light is worth a read if you can find a copy.

Rating B

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